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Other Traffic Violations

Turning 16 and getting a license in Georgia used to be a rite of passage. Now it is more like running the gauntlet. Until you turn 21, you can lose your driver’s license for just one bad decision. Whether it is speeding on the way home to make curfew, or driving past curfew, the ways to lose your license are endless.

The same goes for drivers over 21. A couple of speeding tickets could put several points on your license, and then the next thing you know you are having an uncomfortable talk with your employer after they pull your driving history.

And now the State of Georgia has come up with one of the worst ideas in recent years; the “Super Speeder”. This law was passed under the false pretense of discouraging people from speeding, but it was obviously done as a way for the State to “tax” people who may get in a little too much of a hurry on our highways.

Don’t let a speeding ticket cost you your job or your independence. Call Mr. Brantley immediately after you receive the citation, so he can come up with a plan well in advance of your court date.