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Workers' Compensation

You have always gone the extra mile for your Employer, and stayed late whenever he asked. After several good years, you have worked your way up through the ranks and can see a bright future ahead. Then it happens, you get hurt on the job. Your mind starts racing… bad am I hurt? When will I be able to get back to work? Which doctor will they send me to? When are they going to start my weekly workers’ comp check?

After days of agonizing over everything, the call finally comes…..they want you to take a drug test even though it has been 3 days since you got hurt. Then they need to take a statement. And the Employer starts asking you about pre-existing conditions….it is an all too common story in Georgia.

Over the past several years, Employers and Insurers have become more emboldened by a series of bad laws and unfair court decisions that make it almost impossible for an injured worker to get a fair shake. Our system is stacked against the little guy, and you need a seasoned veteran to help navigate all the pitfalls out there.

Since 2004, Georgians have trusted Blake N. Brantley to handle their claims. He has extensive experience with all stages of the claims process from beginning to end. Whether you have been diagnosed with a herniated disc, or carpal tunnel syndrome, Blake N. Brantley knows what to do. He has recovered millions of dollars for injured workers just like you. The insurance company has an army of lawyers looking for ways to prevent you from receiving medical care or your weekly checks. They will try to get you to sign confusing documents, and to settle out for pennies on the dollar. Why would you try to deal with that on your own?

Let him use his past experiences working for these greedy corporations against them, and to your benefit. Give him a call as soon as possible so he can begin standing up for your rights!